The Mini Manager Storage Facility Management Software

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The Mini Manager Screenshots

Main Screen

All day to day task happen on the main screen.

  • Add new tenants
  • Assign Units
  • Post payments
  • Search for a tenant account
  • Update tenant information
  • Print, email, or text invoices, statements, receipts, late notices, etc
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Self Storage Facility Screen

Very flexible
  • Easy to see available units, rented units, or both together
  • Easily add new units
  • Easy to modify units
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Generating Monthly Charges

We make it easy
  • Set the date to the 1st of the month being billed
  • Click on the button
  • Each account will receive a separate charge for each unit they rent.
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Late Charges

Charging late fees is easy
  • tennant with a balance is charge a late fee
  • You can do this once a month
  • You can do this once a week if you like
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Invoices, Statements
and Late Notices

Monthly billing is a snap
  • Send to all tenants
  • Send to some tenants only
  • Send via post office, email, or text message
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Full range of reports

  • Sales transactions
  • Sales Tax report
  • Sales by category report
  • Deposit report
  • Payments report
  • Balances due reports
  • Customer list
  • Customer labels
  • Available units
  • Rented units
  • Locked out units
  • Units under maintenance
  • Year to Year analysis
  • Occupancy analysis
  • Unit income analysis
The Mini Manager Storage Facility Management Software