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Frequently Asked Questions About Mini Manager

Many of our customers need to access their data from multiple locations.
  • Access the data from the office or when at home
  • Access the data for multiple facilities
  • Access the data while traveling
  • Access the data from multiple computers in the same office.

Our solution is to store your data on our Web server for a monthly storage fee of $20.00 per month.

This way you have access to the data on any Windows computer anywhere Additionally, you can access the data from all locations simultaneously.
Any Windows desktop or laptop computer will run the program.

There are three specs that should be considered:
  1. Processor speed – 3.00GHz
  2. Ram memory – 8.00GB
  3. Hard Disk – 256 GB
You have two options.
  1. Set the program to charge sales tax on specific categories.
  2. Most people include the sales tax in the rent, so they only need to pay sales tax on money received.
The program charges the rent automatically on the 1st of each month. Your tenant can pay as much as they like at any time. The program will carry monies paid ahead as a credit in the account and reduce the tenant’s credit on the first of each month.
Yes. If you fill out the form for a free demo on this website, we will contact you and install a live program on your computer to use for as long as you like. If you don’t want it on your computer, the videos on this website will be very helpful for you.
Yes. For mailing we support two window envelopes. Email or Text as well.
Yes. Mail, email, or text are your options.
  1. Using the [CTRL-Key] and [Left-mouse click] you highlight the line items you want in the invoice.
  2. Click on the “Actions” button
  3. Choose “Invoice” from the Actions screen
  4. Click on Process

Additionally, the same approach applies to receipts, late notices, etc.
Moving the program to another computer.

Step 1: Copy the “Trackum_VSMM” folder to an external device. (Note:) location = c:\users\public\Trackum_VSMM
Step 2: Copy the shortcuts from your desktop to your external device as well.
Step 3: On the new computer copy the “Trackum_VSMM” folder from the external device and place it into the “Public” folder.
Step 4: Copy the shortcuts from the external device to the desktop of your new computer.

Everything should work as it was before.

NOTE: – Should you need us to do this for you we can connect to your computer and perform this task for you. This kind of support is not covered by our free telephone support policy. Our fee for this type of thing is $60.00.
First, you can create your own pay method list to select from.
  • For credit card payments you have a button on the main screen “Process cc”.
  • All other methods use the button that says “Payment”.
On the main menu there is a “Filters” option. When you click on it choose “Active tenants with a balance due”.
– Yes. At this time, we support the gate controller made by Demco Gate Control System. Made by Demco Electronics.
The Mini Manager Storage Facility Management Software