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What is Mini Manager?

The Mini Manager by Trackum Software is the absolute BEST Self Storage Software for small self storage facilities. Our customers are “Mom & Pop” facility owners looking for simple, easy to use self storage management software, that comes with person to person support. Here at TRACKUM have been answering the phone for 29+ years. Our customers enjoy our person to person support. Mini-Manager sells for a one time price of $469.00 and can be stored on your personal computer or on our cloud service. It has everything a small facility needs.


TRACKUM Software endeavors to create simple, easy-to-learn software products. “The Mini Manager” exceeds all expectations in this area. Almost every new customer tells us the same thing when they purchase this product. “We tried a number of products and “Mini Manager” is the simplest”.

As a software company, our niche is to serve the small business community, which consists mostly of “Mom & Pop” type businesses. These folks are not interested in fancy, high powered programs that have too many features and cost too much money.

“WE KNOW SIMPLE!”  You don’t have to be an accountant to understand our simple bookkeeping system


Our competitors are pushing “Cloud” web apps. This approach is great for large facilities because it provides lots of extra frills to make them more competitive with other large facilities.

On the other hand, the high software cost as well as increased labor cost to operate these high-tech systems make this approach a poor investment for small mom and pop facilities.

The “Mini Manager” program sells for a one time purchase price of $469.00 Our telephone support is always free. All you need is a Windows computer and your up and running with no monthly cost.


One of the advantages of a simple program is flexibility. Our product is adaptable to any business that rents products on a monthly basis. Some of these include self-storage, boat-storage, home-rental, mobile-home-rental, etc.

Multi-User Options

Many of our customers need multi-user capability
  • Networking several computers in the office
  • Access the data while away from the office
We provide this service by storing the data on our cloud server so you can access your data from any or all Windows computers anywhere you have access to the internet simultaneously. We backup your data daily and provide free support all for a storage fee of 20.00 dollars per month.


Our approach is to personalize and simplify everything for each of our customers


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So many applications...

  • Self Storage Rental
  • Mini Storage Rental
  • Container Storage Rental
  • Property Rental
  • Apartment Rental
  • Boat Marinas
  • Small RV Parks

Mini Manager

by TRACKUM Software
$ 469 One Time Fee
  • Person to Person Support
  • Personal Computer or Cloud
  • Perfect for Small Facilities
  • No Web Apps
  • No monthly charges
  • No maintenance contracts
  • Telephone support is always free
The Mini Manager Storage Facility Management Software