Self Storage Management Software..

The Mini-Manager

by TRACKUM Software

A Great Choice for a small, "Mom and Pop", self storage facility.

High quality customer support


Price = $469.00 - one time fee>

  • ... No Web Apps
  • ... No monthly charges
  • ... No maintenance contracts
  • ... telephone support is always free


  • Monthly billing is a snap - just click and all tenants are billed automatically.
  • Secure Credit card processing
  • Billing can be sent by mail, email, or text message, automatically.
  • Recurring billing by credit card is available at the touch of a button.
  • All tenant information is on the main screen.
  • Posting payments is fast and easy.
  • Easily view or print list of available units
  • Searching for tenants is a one step process
  • Everything is stored on your computer and can easily be moved to another computer by you.
  • No limits on number of units or facilities
  • Receipts, Invoices, Statements, Late Notices, Reminders, Auction Notices
  • Reports - Charges, Payments, Receivables, Units, Analysis, etc.
  • Easily switch between multiple facilities
  • Everything you want in a management program.
  • Very Very Very easy to use

Multi-User Options

Many of our customers need multi-user capability

  • Networking several computers in the office
  • Access the data while away from the office

We provide this service by storing the data on our cloud server so you can access your data from any or all Windows computers anywhere you have access to the internet simultaneously. We backup your data daily and provide free support all for a storage fee of 20.00 dollars per month.

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All tenant information is displayed right here on the main screen

This screen displays all the units in your facility. You can easily Add, Modify, or Delete as needed.

On this screen you can automatically generate monthly charges, including late charges.

There are a number of screens that look like this one.
Invoices, Statements, Late Notices, Auction Notices, Mass Messages, etc.


Price = $469.00 - one time fee>

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