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The Mini-Manager

We provide a simple, easy to use management software solution for self storage facilities.

Over 20 years poviding high quality customer support


Price = $369.00 - one time fee>

  • No monthly charges
  • No maintenance contracts
  • telephone support is always free

Feature Details

Monthly Billing – each tenant can have one or more preferences for how they receive billing, late notices, etc. The choices are mail, email, and text message. You simply choose to send invoices, statements, or late notices and the program will send them according to the tenants billing preference. If you do not want to send a bill to all tenants you simply do not check a billing preference and that tenant will not get one.

Generating Charges – at any time during a month you can have the program generate charges for the next month.

Tenant Information – all tenant information is shown on tone screen. When you select a tenant the program fills the screen with the units they are renting, all of their contact information, and all of their payment history including comments and notes.

Facility Screen – the facility screen is a list of your inventory of units. We include the customer names and phone numbers for your convenience. It is very easy to add new units, edit existing units, or delete a unit. You can use a filter to fill the screen with only some of the inventory. For example, all rented, all available, all of a specific size, etc. Additionally, you can sort and print the list from the same screen.

Searching for Tenants – by typing just a few characters in a search box, the program will find any tenant that has those characters anywhere in their information. For example, a license plate on a car, boat, or RV and you can find the tenant. If you are not sure how to spell the name, simply type a few characters that you are sure would be in the name and you can find the tenant.

Reports - Our reports are designed to support our simple bookkeeping system. They include sales reports, payment reports, receivables reports, unit inventory reports, and analysis reports

Unlimited Data Files – you can group all your facilities into one database or have them in separate databases. There are no limits

Unlimited Units – there are no limits on the number of units you have.

Credit Card Processing – we support the PaySimple.Com system. They have excellent customer support and they are competitively priced. You can run recurring charges or manually process one charge at a time. The program will automatically post the payment to the customer’s account for you.

Payment Portal – we can provide a "Web Portal" so your customers can pay with a credit card online if they prefer.

Storing your Data – most customers prefer to have everything on their personal computer. Whe we install our program you have everything you need to  moved from one computer to another. This makes it very easy for you to back up your stuff and keep your data safe.

For those customers who prefer to store their data in the cloud we provide your own private database on your own private cloud account for a modest monthly fee of 20.00. We take care of everything for you. If you would like to have a web site, your cloud account will support that as well. The point is that you own all of it. Additionally, we provide you with a program to copy your data from your database in the cloud to your local computer anytime and as often as you like. If the internet goes down, your still up and running on your local machine.

All tenant information is displayed right here on the main screen

Main Screen

This screen displays all the units in your facility. You can easily Add, Modify, or Delete as needed.

Facility Screen

On this screen you can automatically generate monthly charges, including late charges.

Generate charges screen

There are a number of screens that look like this one.
Invoices, Statements, Late Notices, Auction Notices, Mass Messages, etc.

billing screens


Price = $369.00 - one time fee>