Self Storage Software Program


Self storage program that is inexpensive and very easy to use.

Want something really simple to use?

The price of this program is a one time fee $369.00

Main Screen

When the program starts the main screen is filled with a list of all the active tenants and is sorted by unit number order.

Everything you do, on a daily basis, happens on this main screen.

Main Self Storage Screen

Facility Screen:

You can view this screen in a number of ways

You can print a list of what your viewing

You can modify unit information

You can add new units

You can make notes about a unit and see them on this screen

Storage Facility Screen

Generate Charges Screen:

Generating monthly charges could not be easier

Generating Charges Screen

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Generate Late Charges Screen:

Generating late charges could not be easier

Generating Charges Screen

Monthly Invoices or Statements:

Billing is sent based on the tenant's "Preferred Contact Preference"

Generating Charges Screen


All the reports you will ever need

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